Where do we fly?

The flight around New York City is an amazing experience and is totally different at day than it is at night. Our usual route takes us from Republic Airport westbound towards LaGuardia Airport. Depending on air traffic we may fly north around the airport towards the George Washington Bridge or we may just fly overhead LaGuardia Airport. If the Mets aren't having a game and air traffic permits, we fly over the LaGuardia tower towards the North tip of Roosevelt Island, and then over Central Park. From Central Park, we fly the Hudson River towards Lady Liberty, passing famous monuments like The Empire State Building, MSG, The Intrepid Museum, and Ground Zero. From the lady we continue south towards the Verrazano Bridge and then around to Coney Island. We fly along the south shore underneath the approach path to Kennedy airport's runways 4L and 4R. Once we reach the Jones Beach we're almost home and return to Republic Airport for Landing.

 Some things to consider with this flight are the local sporting events which create a temporary flight restriction in the airspace. For example, the Yankees playing closes down the Hudson River, north of Central Park. Also, the congested airspace over NYC makes a great case for conducting this flight under the watchful eye of air traffic control.


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